Virtual Staging in a SNAP

Simply upload a photo of your empty space, apply our intuitive masking tool, and watch as our AI transforms it into a beautifully staged room in mere seconds.

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How it works

Why Choose Us?

Our AI model filled the room considering the lighting and the original structure of the room. This is the most realistic virtual staging you can get!
Lightning Fast
Thanks to our advanced artificial intelligence virtual staging now can be done in less than 20 seconds. No more waiting for designers!
Original Resolution
We generate the original resolution of the image that you uploaded, up to 4k!
Pay as cheap as $1 per photos, no subscription! That is cheaper than any agencies and tools out there.


Original Room

Original photo of a room with snapstager.com

Generated Room

Generated photo of a room with snapstager.com

Frequently asked questions

Why does it takes longer for some images to generate?

GPU that is used at Replicate has Cold Boot time. It takes longer for the first image to generate. After the first image is generated, the next images will be generated faster. In the future we might rent a dedicated GPU to solve this problem once we have more users

Who should I contact for support?

Email me at [email protected]